Hello to you dear stranger/ stalker/ cyber space scoundrel/ office skiver or simply comedy aficionado! Your audaciously curious finger tips have just gallivantly brought you to my humble home page so please come in and make yourself confy.

My name is Paolo Ferrari and Egomental Productions is my agency, comedy is mon metier. 
As a performer and event facilitator I eat drink and breathe stand-up. My mission is to create challenging and ingenious shows that are fun to perform and fun to watch so that you and your friends, your company or client, can experience an unforgettable evening of mirth and joy.
Mind you though that s not all I do. For the past few years I have extended my comedy frolicking to areas such as Hen Nights and Trade Shows (have you ever heard of- pitch selling?) 

Intrigued? Thought so! Then put down the angle grinder, pull up your pants (necrophilia is sooo last century) and call now!!!
+44 75 41 32 0895 is the number, egomental.ferrari@gmail.com is my email. There! You have no excuses.
Ps: a handful of new uber slik promo vidz are coming soon- 
W a  T  c  H  this space

Egomental Productions is an Equity member.