Hello to you again.. wondrous- world wide web- bon vivant! Here is my bio it has been written in third person (do I hear you shouting Wanka!!!) I guess if you are a pretentious arty- farty Guardian reader knob i mean.. snob perhaps from Shoreditch, emotionally attached to someone named Pippa (or Hermione/Tessa/Gabriella or maybe sodding Melania) chances are you will definitely enjoy it. So hold on tight to your viciously cool jeans give your impossibly fabulous waxed beard one more gentle stroke and.. let' s get cracking!      

Egomental' s chief exec & head comic, Paolo Ferrari, is a spontaneous visual communicator, with an instinctual penchant for absurd and generally surreal humor.

A maverick, unpredictable comedian and street comic, Paolo started his performing career in his early teens while working as a character clown in hotels and holiday resorts across Southern Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Later in the mid nineties his family roots brought him back to Europe, Northern Ireland, where he then co-founded - The Flying Kings - a successful clownesque flying trapeze troupe.
The experience allowed him to flex his comedy muscles and most importantly to enhance his vast reservoir of creative ideas that delighted countless audiences across Europe.

In January 2010 he also launched Egomental Productions, a comedy event agency that reflects the personality and creative flair of its founder. 

Paolo lives and works in London. On weekdays his unique brand of zany humor can be seen gracing the ancient cobbles of Covent Garden piazza, the temple of street theater

Our valiant hero is also a big fan of monkey nuts, cats, long walks and weird films.
His obsessions are tea spoons which he avidly collects (fuck you I never said I was perfect!) and Mike Leigh.     
Aside from his epic loathing of Tweeter/ 'Comedy Authorities' / cricket and idiotic buzzwords like..'buzzwords' Paolo can be considered a fairly harmless chap (or so his parole officer says) with fairly regular pastimes which include- painting, reading and breaking into people's cars.