Who the F**k is Paolo Ferrari?! -the show-

July 14/15/16 -Buxton Fringe Fest 2016
Cheshire Cheese Bar Buxton

60 seconds conversation with myself:-
Me- So who the fuck is Paolo Ferrari then? 
Me- Pardon?!
Me- The show! Your new super mind bending-rib poking labour of love...
Me- Ah yes ehm(blush blush)thank you yes.. well you know it s a.. kinda er..you know
Me- Go on then tell us about the show.. USP and stuff

Me- Yes right..it s a blend of absurdly surreal, improvised stuff, part flamenco part ballet, Frank Zappa meets Gustav Mahler with a slight hint of Barry Manilow in between are you writing this down?!
Me- ZZZZZzzzzz

Sapiently crafted tosh tickled by the occasional outburst of self indulgent incoherence.
Very boutique. Totally legal. Mostly harmless.
London, Buxton and Manchester. Summer 2016