Private Parties, Birthdays, Weddings and Barmitzvahs
You have tried the cool DJ, the funky armadillo'leather clad band and the great looking stripper so ripped and shredded his body exploded half way through his show.
Sure that was fun BUT what did you really get in return except for a fleeting moment of eye candy titillation? Let me guess..not a lot.

I am offering you a real interactive- cheer-me- up/feel-good- evening. An evening of alternative comedy aimed to give you and your guest, an eclectic mix of stress-busting fooleries.
Think for a second: who else can give you the perfect ingredient to increase social cohesiveness, attractiveness to others and boost (legally) your room' energy levels?

Exactly so what are you waiting for? 
Let your friendly comedy dealer (yes me!) deliver a super explosive arm shot of endorphines and dopamine that you won't easily forget.
Are you ready to laugh yourself bonkers? 

075 41 32 08 95 Call now! Do it!
1 hr set circa
PA system, lighting & audio visual provided