Wanna bring more activity to your trade show' booth and dramatically increase your business? Fantastic! Here is how:

You hire me to work all day on your booth, I perform comedy-magic & stand-up routines.
A crowd will gather.The comedy icebreaker will then create a relaxed, upbeat and far more receptive audience now ready and willing to do business with you. At the end of each set, 5 to 12 minutes in duration, your sales staff takes over and deals with any inquiries. Remember my goal is to make your booth stand out from the other exhibitors! 
Just think for a moment..

Which booth would you be attracted to first? One where nothing is happening or one where an exciting, charming and easy on the eye entertainer is gathering a crowd, making them laugh whilst promoting the company product to potential buyers? Again which booth would you go to? So this year instead of spending more and more money on things your booth doesn t need simply hire me and I will steal the show. I will tie in my skit with the line of industry your in, making my comedy frolics your perfect selling tool.

!!!Attention Inventors- Manufacturers- Independent Agents!!!
Fear and loathing of public speaking? 

Ok so you have decided to sell your product at trade shows. Brilliant! Fairs and exhibitions are the best arenas to test-market your new idea. Do bear in mind that these can also be physically and emotionally demanding. Are you ready to exhibit, demonstrate and sell for up to eight/nine hours non stop in front of strangers?!?
Now let me ask you:         

Does your product have a mass appeal?
Is it designed to solve a common problem? 
Can those unique features make one's life easier? 
If your item is demonstrable, simple and easy to handle then let me do the hard work for you!

By creating a lively, visually enticing and humorous pitch I will generate the 'WOW Factor' guaranteed to stop traffic.Tried and tested closing techniques will then get the customer to reach into his pockets and make the purchase. How does that sound?
Now think: effective pitch- selling is what brings in the revenue and that is why you are there in the first place right?! Therefore i would really hate to think that after all the capital you have invested you just sit in your booth watching the world go by. Your merchandise deserves better than that..
So be fast, be smart call now- 075 41 32 08 95.    
Don't let folks walk away with your money in their pockets!